Beautiful guys and their guitars; Martin’s home from The Keys ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I learned to play acoustic guitar during my college days; a fraternity brother taught me the basics. He used to let me jam with his three-man band, and I loved it. I still play today. I own an Ovation Legend model with beautiful sound. My guitar hums. I’m a decent singer too, and sometimes I’ll perform at our neighborhood parties.

I always enjoy seeing photos of handsome young men with their guitars, so I thought I’d share two with you today. Do you like them?

My friend and I left Islamorada this morning, right after breakfast. Our 5-1/2 hour drive wasn’t too bad, almost all was freeway, and the traffic wasn’t too thick. I drove the first half, he the second. I’ve done so much highway driving over the past three weeks, I think I am numb to the experience now. My poor little Element looks a little road-weary. I need to give him a thorough cleaning sometimes this week.

Okay, the guy in the photo at left is not playing an actual guitar, but one of those fake things that plays itself, I believe. He’s a fraud, yes, but look at those abs. I’ll overlook the phony guitar, thank you.

I had a fine time in The Keys, and I’m really glad I went. But I am glad to be home, also. The last three days we were there were extremely hot and humid, and yesterday I had to stay out the sun most all day, except for a bike ride.

Now, I’m home in the air conditioning, sipping from a cold beer and returning phone calls I missed while in The Keys. All my plants look fine, and the house didn’t burn down, so I guess I’m lucky, right? I’ll bake a chicken breast for dinner, and team it with couscous and a salad. Sounds pretty tasty, doesn’t it?

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

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