A pair of black and white beauties; quiet night for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I know some guys don’t like black and white photography, but sure do, when it’s done right. Absence of color makes the subject and lighting all that more important, in my opinion.

Tonight, I’m posting a couple of my favorites of late. Okay, the models seem a bit narcissistic, but when you are young and beautiful I guess that’s okay. (It doesn’t last long, boys ….)

If you like the guy at left–his name is Charlie Mills–you can see several of his photos from a shoot at the Boys by Girls studio, and read an interview with Charlie, right here:


My afternoon was long and busy: YMCA workout and lap-swimming, driving range, and supermarket. I’ve been gone so much lately my cupboard was bare. I bought a ton of things, all badly needed. Now, I’m home and ready for a quiet night on the island. This will be the first weekend I’ve spent here in a month, and I’m ready for it.

I can’t believe how stinking hot it is here tonight. It’s October fifth, and the weather should have turned by now. It feels like August outside. The humidity is the worst part; it lends a sauna-like effect to our weather. Yukk ….

The response to the porn video I posted a link to this morning has been overwhelming. You guys are a horny bunch, now aren’t you? Opinions are running about fifty-fifty, as far as which actor is the hottest. I think I’m voting for the hunky top. He’s so passionate.

Look, if you are alone, such videos can offer just the right relief a guy needs to get him through the weekend without feeling frustrated. Know what I mean?

What will you do tonight? I’m sauteing fresh scallops. I’ll serve them over whole wheat pasta, and prepare a fresh garden salad with my home-made dressing. I have a nice bottle of Savignon blanc chilling in the fridge, so I think I’ll be okay tonight. Maybe I’ll try to watch the second half of that dreadful Netflix rental I started last night.

Wherever you are tonight, I hope you’re having a nice Friday night.

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