A nice little video clip from “Brokeback Mountain”; busy day for Martin …








Hi, friends and readers:

Brokeback Mountain is one of my favorite films. The acting’s superb, the scenery’s beautiful, and the story is heartbreaking. The film is based upon a story written by Annie Proulx, one of my favorite writers. The video clip I’ve posted here tonight is a particularly important scene. It takes place just when Ennis and Jack’s summer together comes to a close, and they end up fist-fighting because Ennis is so angry about having to leave Jack and return to his “normal” life. I think we’ve all felt that sort of anger and fear that stems from leaving someone we love, after a period of closeness.

I visited a loved on at an ALF today. We shared a pleasant lunch and did a bit of shopping. Of course, this meant 140 miles of driving on I-4, a road full of maniacal drivers I wouldn’t wish on anybody. But I am glad I went. On the way home I did a bit of shopping on my own–Home Depot and Bed, Bath & Beyond–to buy things for my rental apartment and my own home. I even installed a new smoke alarm in the rental unit. I’m getting so handy ….

It’s quiet on the island tonight. I’l make a simple meal for myself, and maybe watch a movie I borrowed. After all the running around I did today, it’s good to be home. Have a nice Sunday night, everyone.


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