Two pairs of lover boys to brighten your Monday morning ….

Hi, friends and readers:

When I practiced law, or when I attended school, I hated Monday mornings. Weekends, of course, were great, but then they’d come to an end and I’d have to return to classes or work. Ugh. Why couldn’t weekends last forever?

Now I’m retired and Mondays don’t seem different than any other day, but last night I stayed up too late and drank a bit too much. I slept in late, which means I didn’t walk the beach or get much done in the writing department. In other words, I’m feeling slug-like.

Are you?

I thought the photos I’ve posted here this morning might lift your spirits as much as they do mine. They celebrate the spirit of male/male love, both in a special way. When I look at them, I feel lucky to be a gay man. Do you understand?

Despite my lethargy, I will drag my butt to the YMCA today, for a workout and lap-swimming. I’ll need to accomplish something constructive today, and the exercise will help me feel better, as well. Outside, it’s still and muggy. What happened to our fall weather?

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

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