Guys showing off their plaid boxers. Pretty morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m not certain where the custom of guys showing off their boxers came from, but I find the look sort of enticing, don’t you? You sort of know what you’ll be getting into when the two of you find yourselves alone ….

I don’t know which I guy in this morning’s photo posts is better looking. Okay, the first guy’s kind of skinny, but he sure is cute, and I like that rag-top car he’s posing with, too. What model is that, anyway?

It’s been a good morning for me. I rose about 7:30, for my three-mile beach walk. Conditions were beautiful down there: cool and calm. The tide was way low this morning, which made for perfect, barefoot walking on smooth and level sand. The Gulf looked like a mirror, and few people were about.

This afternoon, I’ll get in the car, then go shopping for a microwave oven for my rental apartment next door. Doesn’t that sound like fun? This is one of the few things remaining to be done before the place is ready for occupancy. I’ve posted the apartment on a vacation-rentals Internet site, and already I’m flooded with messages form people interested in renting for part of the winter season. It’s been a while since I’ve been a landlord, so this should be interesting.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with my evening, but I’m sure I’ll find something to keep me occupied. Whatever your plans are, I hope you’ll enjoy your Tuesday.


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