Hot guys making love; family dinner tonight for Martin ….

HI, friends and readers:

A few days ago– 10/15/12 to be specific–I posted a photo of one guy holding a football, while his boyfriend carried him. The two were kissing.

People loved the photo, so I thought I’d post another involving the same two guys. Pretty sexy, eh? Who could resist sucking those biceps? Not me ….

It’s been a good day, starting with this morning’s rainbow. I took a 14-mile bike ride this afternoon, for my serious exercise session. Okay, the temperature was a bit warm, but a nice little breeze kept things bearable.

Tonight, my sister’s in town for a medical conference, and I’m taking her out for a nice meal. We don’t see each other too often, so this will be a nice opportunity to catch up on our lives.

Have a nice Thursday evening, friends.

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