Brent Corrigan as a youth; Martin’s exploring Gainesville ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve written about gay porn star, Brent Corrigan, before. He’s pretty hot, and I even got to meet him several months ago, when he appeared live at our city’s most popular gay nightspot. He wasn’t as tall as I’d expected, maybe about 5’7″, but he was very sweet and I appreciated that.

At left you see a photo of Brent as a youth; he wasn’t even eighteen when the photo was taken. It seems Brent was used in a few porno videos while he was still a minor, and that caused quite a mess for all involved. I’m not sure if this photo came from one of those videos or not, but I thought you’d enjoy it.

I’m in Gainesville today. This morning, around eight, I roamed the UF campus for an hour, soaking up the sights and sounds of a sunny fall day in North Florida. The temperature was cool, but I still just wore a t-shirt and shorts; I was fine. All these sleepy-eyed students rushed past me with their bulging backpacks. Scooters have become quite popular as a mode of campus transportation. You see them everywhere.








Okay, above is a scene from one of Brent’s videos shot when he was a little older. He sure is sexy, isn’t he? But I think he’s lost those cute freckles he sported earlier in life. Too bad, isn’t it?

This afternoon, I took a 90-minute bike ride through older neighborhood’s in the city, near the heart of old downtown. Many of the older homes have been restored, and I found the dumpy place I lived in during my senior year at UF. We had no heat and no shower, just a tub. We used a water pitcher to rinse our hair after we shampooed. Oh, boy. I took a few photos I will share with you later, when I transfer them from my i-Phone.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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