Retro photos of cute guys; Martin’s headed for the coast ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve spent three days, here in Gainesville. Each morning, I have spent an hour walking the campus, and of course, all kinds of memories are stirred when I do so. I spent four years at University of Florida, a long while back.

Anyway, the photos I have posted here this morning are about thirty years old. I don’t know who took them, and I don’t know where I found them on the Internet; it’s been too long since I did. But I find them enchanting. The four guys in the first photo are clearly close friends on vacation, and each is handsome in his own unique way. I wonder where these guys are today? Are they still alive, even? One guy’s name is Detley, so I am guessing they are Brits.

The guy in the second photo, at left, also appears in the first photo. He’s the fellow standing in front with his friend’s hands on his shoulders, I believe. But he’s six years younger in the second photo. I wonder which city he spent his summer in, back in 1979? That looks like a skimboard he’s clutching in his left hand. Again, I wonder where this young man is today?

I guess we’ll never know ….

In just about fifteen minutes, I’ll load up the Element with my belongings, then head back to my island on the Gulf Coast. I had a wonderful three days with my beautiful boyfriend, but he’s busy at work, and I have much to do at home. It’s time to hit the road. Gosh, I love driving on the Interstate Highway.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone. I’ll post from home, sometime this evening.

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