A young man pleasures himself; quiet night on the island for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

You know how it is: sometimes a guy is alone; he’s watching a little porno and feels a need. If he engages in a bit of self-abuse, you really can’t blame him, now can you?

Why do they call it “self abuse” anyway? It’s hardy that. A guy’s hand is his best lover when he’s alone, right?

I’m home, savoring the delights of island living. A steady breeze blows from the north, the effects of Hurricane Sandy. It seems she portends major difficulties for folks in the northeast. Good luck, up there ….

I’m home by myself, enjoying a glass of wine while my Grouper filet bakes in the oven. Ever dined on Grouper? It’s our best Gulf fish, by far, at least among those types you can buy in the supermarket. (Snook’s the best game fish, but don’t tell anyone.)

Publix–our local supermarket–had Red Grouper “on sale” for $14.95 a pound, if you call that “on sale.” I splurged and bought half a pound. I’ll indulge myself. Yummmm.

Have a nice Friday night, everyone.

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