Cute guys in a-shirts. Which is better: black or white?

Hi, friends and readers:

As far as shirts go, nothing flatters a young man’s body more than the classic a-shirt. It hugs the torso, shows of the shoulders and biceps, and gives you a glimpse of armpit hair. An a-shirt looks good on skinny guys, a young man doesn’t have to be muscular to wear one well.

The big question is, which is better: black or white? Hmmm. I don’t know. I think both guys in today’s photo posts look great in their a-shirts, don’t you?

I slept in late again today. What’s going on with me? All of a sudden, I’m sleeping like I’ve been bit by a tse-tse fly. I usually try to get up around seven, but not yesterday and today. Oh, well, I guess sleep is good for me, right?

Outside, it’s windy as hell, due to Hurricane Sandy churning in the Atlantic. This storm is huge, but is no threat to Florida. It’s expected to hit somewhere north of us, probably Delaware. Poor Delaware …..

My day’s looking pretty mundane. The cable TV guy is coming this morning to install cable in my rental apartment next door. (Maybe he’ll be cute ….) I have yard work to do: trimming shrubs, pulling weeds, and putting down mulch. (Oh, boy.) And I have to repair a partially-rotted window sill, using sheet metal. (That sounds like fun, too, doesn’t it?) You see, the life of a fiction writer is often no more exciting than yours, maybe less so.

*** Update: Holy crap, the cable installer is a total babe; I’m not kidding. He’s cute, hunky, and his name is Chris. He has a few tattoos and a nice two-day growth of stubble on his chin and cheeks. He kind of looks like the guy in the photo at left, only he’s wearing more clothing. (Darn!)

I hope the installation takes a while. Chris has already made my day, and then some. I wonder if he’s straight?

Oh, my good friend and neighbor has just proposed we put together a nice meal this evening. I’m watching the Florida Gators play Georgia this afternoon, so now my whole day is planned out.

Should I offer Chris some coffee? Maybe some cinnamon toast? Hmmm. So many choices …..

Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

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