Hot guys at the gym; Martin’s busy-busy today ….

gym dudeHi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the young man to the left. Aye-yi-yi, how come he doesn’t work out at my gym. Okay, there are several hot guys who are sometimes at the YMCA while I am there, but none as sexy as him. If he asked you to “spot” him at a weight bench, would you refuse? Of course, you wouldn’t ….

I spent yesterday evening by myself, immersed in edits. I don’t think I dined until nine PM, and then I hit the bed no later than eleven. I was tired after my workout, lap-swimming, golf lesson, and driving range session.

I rose this morning, a little before eight AM. My walk on the beach was really nice. It’s another warm day, here in central Florida, but the wind has kicked up and I doubt I’ll be able to ride my bike for exercise today.

gymnasts #6Here’s another photo of a young man hard at work in the gymnasium. I have never attended a gymnastics event, but maybe I should. Hmmm.

I received several comments about the link I posted last night, to the bitchboyblog website and a video appearing there. Yes, friends, I agree, those two guys are pretty hot, and the photography’s first quality.

I’ve already finished my writing for the day. After lunch, I need to: repot two houseplants, visit the bank and booze market, submit a story to a literary magazine, and edit a physics paper for my good friend, Jens, in Germany. So, I have a full day ahead, still. It’s okay, staying busy keeps me out of trouble.

Wherever you are, friends, I hope you’re having a nice Thursday.

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