Francisco Lachowski: the ultimate prom date?

franciscoHi, friends and readers:

I understand it’s now appropriate for a gay boy to appear at prom with his boyfriend. It’s about damned time, I’d say. But how does one go about choosing one’s date? Looks? Personality? Dancing skills?  I’m a crappy dancer. Aye-yi-yi ….

Okay, if I could time-travel, I’d attend my senior prom with my present boyfriend. I’d buy him a boutonniere for his jacket lapel, and we’d share a nice dinner beforehand. Then we’d sip punch and sway on the dance floor, along with all the straight couples.

Now, if my boyfriend weren’t available, then I’d choose Francisco Lachowski as my date. That’s him in tonight’s video post. Isn’t he sexy? Doesn’t he look great in a tux? I wonder: would he suck face with me in the back seat of my folks’ car, after prom was over? Look at those lips …. Aye-yi-yi.

Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.


2 thoughts on “Francisco Lachowski: the ultimate prom date?

  1. MY boyfriend kissed his friend in his prom. It was before we met but he made history in his school, he says (laughing) that his biology teacher never looked at him same way and most of his class didnt change too much (his prom was 3 month before he finish colege).

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