Beautiful guy in black and white; warm evening on the island ….

black and white beautyHi, friends and readers:

I can’t help it; I’m a sucker for handsome guys with dark hair and eyes. Sure, blue-eyed blonds are cute, but for me they are not nearly as sexy as a guy like the on in tonight’s video post. God, I could get lost in his eyes. I like his stubble, too. He’s a complete package. Where can I find this guy, anyway? Who is he?

It’s been a nice day, although it’s unseasonably warm in central Florida today. I think we had a high of 86 degrees F, about 8-10 degrees warmer than normal for mid-April. We had a good golf lesson, but the driving range was very hot, with little breeze, and we bailed earlier than we normally would have.

We’re home now, ready for a relaxing evening, and maybe a trip to the hot tub later on. Maybe we’ll catch sunset at the shore with our neighbors, too. Have a great Wednesday evening, friends.

One thought on “Beautiful guy in black and white; warm evening on the island ….

  1. Hi Martin

    His name is Zayn Malik from the group One Direction. They have a few hits out and are a big sensation at the moment. Hope this helps.

    Keep well.

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