Hot times in the locker room; party time on the island ….

locker roomHi, friends and readers:

High school and college locker rooms can be pretty sexy places, especially when you encounter someone like the guy to the left. Who’s he grinning at, anyway? He looks like he has something in mind, but what might it be? Is he flirting with a gym buddy? Are they planning a tryst? Ahhh, so many questions, but no answers. Who is this guy, anyway?

spongebobNow, if you’re really lucky in the locker room, you’ll dress next to a cute guy in Spongebob Squarepants undies. Don’t they look cute on the guy to the left. He looks like he’s having fun, doesn’t he?

We just had a military parade on our little island; they marched right pas our house, no joke. People on fire engines threw candy and beads; it was fun while it lasted, about ten minutes. I’m not sure what the hoopla was all about, but it’s a nice way to start Friday evening.

In a few minutes, we’ll walk to our neighbor’s home to attend our monthly neighborhood party. It’s always fun, with plenty of food and drink.

Wherever you are tonight, I hope you enjoying your Friday evening, and hopefully sharing it with someone you care for. Now, hit the locker room, boys.

One thought on “Hot times in the locker room; party time on the island ….

  1. Hi Martin

    The guy on the left is Austin Butler. The clip is from the series The Carrie Diaries the first episode if I remember correctly. Sorry to say, but he is grinning at a girl in the pool. He also appeared in the series Switched at Birth and in episode 11 of the first season he stripped down to his boxers.

    Keep well.

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