A comment from my young friend, Tom. Martin’s a road warrior today.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi, friends and readers:

I often correspond with a young man named Tom, a precocious guy from Baltimore who speaks his mind on any number of topics. After I posted photos of Tom Daley yesterday, Tom from Baltimore wrote to say this:

“Hello, Mr. Delacroix,

“Happy Spring, and I hope all is going well in your endeavors. I thought I would comment on this post, as the subject shares my name. I also thought I ought to tell you that I have blonde hair and blue-grey eyes, which are contradictory to the person in these photographs.

“Also, you seem to prefer those with dark brown eyes and dark hair. To be honest, I have often adored to look at such people, though mainly women, with very, very dark eyes and very, very dark hair. I am not attracted to such looks in a sexual way, but purely in appreciation for the natural beauty of the contrast between skin and hair. It can be very striking and Gothic; vampiral, almost, and I have always found the Gothic aesthetic to be alluring. My mother has dark hair and fair skin, so perhaps my interest in such people has its roots in that.

“Contrary to my mother’s looks, my sister and I have blonde hair and blue eyes (as I mentioned before), but my sister has very bright, pure eyes and bouncy hair. She is a bubbly, happy sort of person, though she does ground herself by swearing profusely. I, on the other hand, have grey eyes and flat hair, so I am affected by cynicism and melancholy. Funny thing, isn’t it? (that is a joke, of course…)

“Thank you for your time, Mr. Delacroix.”

Thank youTom, for taking the time to write me. And while it’s true I find men with dark hair and eyes attractive, I also have an taste for blond-haired men with blue or gray eyes. In the end, it’s a man’s character that determines whether or not he’s attractive to me

In 45 minutes, I’ll hit the road to visit a loved one who lives in an ALF, sixty-five miles from here. This means I’ll drive on the worst stretch of road in central Florida; it’s always hair-raising, but sometimes we must sacrifice for the benefit of others, right? Have a nice Thursday, friends.

One thought on “A comment from my young friend, Tom. Martin’s a road warrior today.

  1. Greetings, Mr. Delacroix (We do share our last name somewhat, yours in French, mine in Spanish, both say exactly the same!). Seemingly Tom from Baltimore sounds like an enticing delicious young lad!. Could we encourage him to send a pic maybe? 🙂 I also share with you a passion for young men, and must say I enjoy your writings very very much. I do live way south of the Border (in South America to be more specific) and work as a professional Musician, composer and producer, and have a side job as translator. Around here, quality fiction is scarce, and even worse, the overall cultural sense of the so-called Gay “Community” seems to be in decline, shadowing our objects of desire or either making our complex fantasies almost impossible to reach. An image, however, is -most of the time- silent, and lets us fly through imagination without boundaries, and your blog wonderfully brings some of us these wings to fling on every other day, with wonderful sights and thoughts.

    Thank you very very much, Martin, for fulfilling the wonderful duty of making us happy beyond the boundaries of our reality!. Have my very best regards, my best wishes for a happy, long and prosper life!

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