Diaper play? It’s a kink all its own ….

diaper play #2Hi, friends and readers:

I like to think I keep up on things in the gay subculture as well as anyone, but I only recently learned of the male/male sexual practice known as “diaper play.” One partner, typical the younger of the two, assumes a submissive role. Sometimes he’s given a spanking by the other guy. Then he’s bathed and diapered, and given a pacifier to suck on.

Now, I don’t know anyone personally who’s into this scene, but apparently the movement’s growing, particularly among younger gay couples. Here’s an explanation I found of “diaper play” online:

diaperI guess there are variations of “diaper play” depending on how creative the two participants choose to be. Okay, I can’t say I’d want my boyfriend wandering the house in nappies, with a pacifier stuck in his mouth. (Though he would look kind of cute ….) But I’m not going all judgmental on this scene, either. I say, if you like it, why not? Who’s it harming?

diaper play #4I’m home from an afternoon of activity: YMCA for workout and lap-swimming, driving range, and then the supermarket to stock the kitchen for the weekend. My boyfriend’s at work, so I’m on my own this evening.

It’s okay. I have work to do in the writing department and a chicken breast I will bake in the oven a little later on. Outside, it’s so stinking hot I don’t even want to visit the shore to watch sunset tonight, so I’ll camp out in the air conditioning with a bottle of wine and a book to read.

Traffic on this website has been the busiest since my new security controls were installed. I want to thank everyone who has stopped by, and especially those of you kind enough to write me with compliments on the photos and posts. I’ll try to keep posting twice a day, whenever possible.

All right, you guys: if you’re into diaper play, get out your Pampers and pacifiers. It’s Friday night, and time to party however you might choose. Until tomorrow ….

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