Francisco Lachowski, one of the world’s most beautiful men ….

lachowski #6Hi, friends and readers:

To me, my boyfriend’s the most beautiful guy on the planet. I wouldn’t change a thing about him. But Brazilian fashion model, Francisco Lachowski, whose photos I’ve posted tonight, runs a close second.

I’ve posted many Lachowski photos in the past, but once in a while I come across one I have not seen before, and I’ll save it to share with you guys. Aren’t I nice?

It’s been an uneventful day around here. We did our workout at the YMCA, but summer campers were crowding the pool and we didn’t get to swim our laps. We just came home and took care of things around the house. I even trimmed a few bushes out front, since the area was shaded from afternoon sun.

franciscolachowski.comI have to admit, I am still feeling after-effects of last night’s dinner party. I really¬†should¬†stick to beer and wine when it comes to intoxicants, but last night I sort of had a moment of weakness, and now I’m paying the price. Boo-hoo.

Do you like the Lachowski black and white to the left as much I do. I love the expression on his face, and the way the light dances on his rippling flesh. What a beautiful guy; I wonder if he’s a nice person. Does anyone know?

We’re both feeling lazy this evening. I think we’ll take a dip in our timeshare’s swimming pool, just down the street. Then I’ll prepare a simple meal, and maybe we’ll watch a Netflix rental afterward.

Okay, it’s not a very exciting plan, but I think we both want to take it easy. Wherever you are tonight, I hope you’ll have a nice Monday evening.


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