Beautiful guys in black and white; busy day ahead for Martin ….

black and white beauty #9Hi, friends and readers:

You guys know me; I’ve gotta have my black and white photo day at least once a week, and this morning I’m sharing two favorites with you. Take a long look. Now, doesn’t your Wednesday feel better already? I like the expressions on both guys’ faces, especially the one to the left. He doesn’t look particularly happy. What’s on his mind?

I rose super-early for me this morning, about 6:30, to take my three-mile beach walk. It’s a perfect time of day to get outside before the Florida heat sets in. The Gulf was calm and a light breeze blew, so I felt great by the time I returned home. Now I have a busy day ahead.

black and white beauty #3In a few minutes, I’ll drive into the city to take a friend to his second eye surgery. I drove him to his first about a month ago. I don’t mind; we have been friends since childhood, and he’s a single guy with no family in the area. You do these things for friends like him, right.

I’ll meet my boyfriend at the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. Then we have a golf lesson with our golf guru, Jeff, late this afternoon. Then, while my boyfriend plays softball, I’ll share diner with a friend in the city. More poor Element will get a workout today.

Okay, everyone, I must load up my car with all the crap I’ll need for the day’s activities. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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