Cute guys at the beach; summer vacation’s drawing to a close ….

beach boy #8Hi, friends and readers:

The first week of August is already behind us, and soon the school year will begin for students. Right now, our island is full of high school and college boys, soaking up a little more sun and sea before returning too their classrooms. This makes for interesting walks on the beach each morning.

How well I remember the feeling of summer vacation drawing to a close. I always had mixed feelings. I hated losing my freedom, but also looked forward to seeing my friends back at school, and to the challenge of my studies. And, as my mom always said, “You can’t be a beach bum forever.”

I got my tail our the door this morning around eight AM, before the sun heated up the beach. I walked my three miles and took a dip in the Gulf. The water temperature’s delicious right now, about 88 degrees.

twink #2Today will be an easy one for me. I’ll work on a writing project this morning, and I’ll tend to correspondence. My boyfriend has the day off, and I suspect we’ll set aside this afternoon for housecleaning, since we haven’t done any in about a month, and things are looking a bit … grungy in places. We’ll clean every room in the house, mop floors, dust windowsills and clean our the fridge of unwanted food. We’ll even wash down the back porch.

Okay, it doesn’t sound like a very exciting day, but  even fiction writers get stuck with mundane chores; it’s part of having a home you care about.

I’m not sure what we’ll do with our evening, but that’s okay. We’ll spend it together, and that’s what’s important. Have a nice Thursday, friends.

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