Having a boyfriend; it’s the best ….

boyfriend loveHi, friends and readers:

Go ahead, call me a hopeless romantic, but I think the words to the left are so beautiful. I knew I had to share them with you guys after I read them. How come can’t write like that?

Look, a romantic relationship between two men doesn’t always go smoothly. Guys are strong-willed and sometimes impetuous. But when love between two men is clicking, you can’t beat it.

When I was a boy, my best friend was Brian, a blond-haired blue- eyed, Irish Catholic boy I adored. He was a year older than me. Of course, sex didn’t play a part in our friendship; we were too young. But I still fantasized about living my entire life with Brian. When he moved away, I was nine years old, and I was heartbroken for more than a year. I thought I’d never fill the void he left behind.

boyfriend in the tubI don’t know where Brian is today, but that’s okay. I have my present boyfriend; we’ve been together three and one-half years now, and every day I’m living with my best friend. I’m loving him, not just spiritually, but romantically as well. It’s like my childhood fantasy about living with Brian has become reality, and how cool is that? Sure, we have our disagreements, but not many, and every day seems like a beautiful gift life has given me.

I’ve just now completed final review of the galley proofs for my new YA novel. The book turned out beautifully, better than I’d ever hoped, and a soon it will go to market. I feel like I’ve given birth to a child. I hope my book will give many young people pleasure, but now it’s on to other projects.

Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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