Steve Grand: new gay figure on the music scene ….

steve grand shirtlessHi, friends and readers:

Last night I posted a video clip showing three young people riding in a convertible. One young man stood in the rear of the car, holding an American flag. I didn’t know where the clip came from or who the young man was.

Turns out, the young man with the flag was Steve Grand, who you see at left. He self-produced a song and video that has captured a great deal of interest on YouTube. The song and video deal with the issue of a gay man falling in love with his straight friend, and all the fallout following such a situation. We’ve all been there, haven’t we guys? It’s heartbreaking, and sometimes friendship-ending, and I think it’s cool Steve Grand had the courage to produce this piece. You can see an interview with Steve:  And if you want to watch the entire video, which is pretty damned good, you can see it here:

Thanks to my friend Kai for tipping me off to this information.

Have a great Tuesday night, friends.

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