“The doctor will see you now.” I wish ….

MIAMI MEDICALHi, friends and readers:

I love my primary care doctor; he’s the greatest but he’s not really what I’d call sexy. I don’t crave a rectal exam when I visit his office, but if he looked like the guy to the left, I’d definitely go for a thorough body exam.

“Turn your head to the right and cough, please.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

Aye-yi-yi, look at those blue eyes and that sexy stubble. And why’s he wearing those latex gloves, anyway? Is someone about to have their prostate checked? Mercy, let it be me ….

I’m home from the YMCA and a trip to the booze store. The latter was necessary, as we’ve hosted gatherings at our house for much of the week, and our wine supply was dangerously low. The poor vodka bottle held nothing but a few drops. So, now we’re stocked again, and my life is complete. See how easy I am to please?

florida palmsI know people think Florida is a paradise 365 days a year, but it’s certainly not the case in August. Outside, it’s still blazing hot, and bordering on unbearable. The humidity only makes things worse. I doubt I’ll go outside again today until the sun goes down and the temperature drops into the mid-eighties, not comfortable, but at least acceptable for a walk on the beach.

My boyfriend’s at work already; he won’t get home until long after I’m in bed tonight, so I am left to my own devices. My writing projects beckon me, so I’ll keep busy at the keyboard. I may ask a friend over to share a bottle of Beaujolais with me, so I won’t be lonely either.

Please friends, don’t worry about poor old Martin; I know how to entertain myself, and if I grow tired of writing, I’ll play my guitar or read a book. I can never understand people who say they are bored; I never am.

Have a nice Wednesday night, everyone.

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