Sexy little video: hot guy feeling himself up ….

body rubHi, friends and readers:

Look, when you’re alone and feeling horny you have to entertain yourself, so to speak, and it looks like our friend to the left here is just getting started. I wonder who he’s thinking about while he rubs himself here and there? He sure is sexy; I’ll bet he has a cute boyfriend. Does anyone know who he is?

It’s been an easy day for me. The sky clouded around four PM and the air cooled off, so I did some work outside, trimming shrubs, watering plants, and using the leafblower on the patios. Things look good out there, and I enjoyed getting outdoors.

Tonight will be a quiet one for me. I have fish to bake for my dinner, and plenty of wine on hand. As mentioned this morning, I may visit our timeshare down the road to swim in the pool, and that’s about it. See what a exciting life a fiction writer leads? Have a nice Thursday night, friends.

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