It’s “Speedo Saturday” on Martin’s site. How will you spend your Saturday?

speedo redHi, friends and readers:

Nothing flatters a young man’s physique like a Speedo-style swimsuit. The suits are terribly revealing, but they still leave a little to the imagination, don’t they? I think the guys in today’s photo posts look great in theirs. Would you agree?

I live in a beach community, but I never see young men in Speedos here. Instead, guys wear very modest boardshorts, and I don’t know why this is so. When I’m in Europe or Australia during the warm months, I see young guys in Speedos everywhere. I guess American men are more shy about displaying their bodies, and it’s too bad. About the only time I see guys in skimpy suits is during triathlon competitions.

I rose about eight AM today, for my morning walk on the beach. Conditions were nice down there. Cloud cover kept the temperature cool, and the Gulf was calm, so I was able to take a swim after my walk. Already, the vendors were setting up their booths down the street, and I suppose we’ll have large crowds out here today, as kids enjoy their last days of summer vacation.

speedo blueI’ve just finished working on my new and very lengthy novel for the day, and now it’s time for a little lunch before I hit the road. A friend’s in the hospital; he’s been pretty sick. We were roommates when I was in law school at FSU, and we’ve remained close ever since, and I need to see him. I also have errands to run in town, and then I have the tree-trimming guys coming out to take care of our palms. Exciting stuff, eh?

What are you doing with your Saturday? If you have the day off, you really should do something special with your boyfriend, and don’t forget to save a little time for … intimacy.

Okay, friends. I have much to do and little time to get things done, so I will wish everyone a wonderful Saturday. Do’t forget to wear your Speedo if you go to the beach or swimming pool.

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