Sexy guys with freckles; easy Sunday in store for Martin ….

freckles #3Hi, friends and readers:

I don’t know why, but I have always found guys with freckles sexy. The freckles look like confetti, dancing across their faces and shoulders. Anyway, I’m posting some of my favorite “freckled guy” photos today, and I hope you like them as much as I do.

I slept in late today, skipped my morning walk on the beach as a result. It’s okay, I got to snuggle with my boyfriend before he left for work, and now I’m getting a bit of housework done during his absence: laundry, loading up the dishwasher, making the bed, and so forth. Exciting stuff, eh?

freckles #4Have a look at the guy to the left. Do you find him as seductive as I do? I love the color of his hair and eyes. And I like all those freckles on his face and shoulders. I like his facial expression too. Yummy ….

Outside, it’s breezy but warm and humid, not the kind of weather for cycling, golfing or even walking on the shore. I’ll stay indoors, I guess, or maybe I’ll visit the YMCA for a bit of lap-swimming.

My boyfriend gets home around dinner time, and I already promised him I would grill pork chops over charcoal. Maybe afterward we’ll visit our timeshare down the street for a swim in the pool and a soak in the hot tub. It’ll be nice having him at home for the evening, and we’ll just take it easy. Wherever you are today, friends, I hope you’ll have an easy Sunday as well.

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