Feeling a little down today? Have a glimpse at this video clip ….

wave and smileHi, friends and readers:

Are you feeling down in the sumps today, for one reason or another? Then have a look at the little video clip I’ve posted above. I defy you not to feel a little happier after seeing this young man’s smile. What a cutie. I wonder if he has a boyfriend, and where he lives?

shaggy and wetAnd here’s another guy with a great smile. How can you not smile yourself when you look at him?

I’m home from the YMCA and all my appointments in the city. It’s nearly five PM and soon I’ll open a cold beer to start my evening. My boyfriend has a softball game in town tonight, so he will drop me off at an old friend’s home for a bit of socializing and beer-drinking. Then the three of us will dine together after the softball game is over. Doesn’t sound like a bad evening, now does it?

Traffic on this website has been heavy this week. Thousands of people have stopped by, and many sent nice messages complimenting the site or my books. Thanks to everyone who visited or wrote; I always enjoy hearing from you guys, so don’t stop. And have a wonderful Wednesday night, all.

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