Locker room lust. We’ve all been there, right?

locker roomHi, friends and readers:

I don’t know about you, but my earliest memories of lusting for other men come from my time spent in my high school’s locker room. Back then, PE class was mandatory, and so was a shower at the end of class. The sights were nothing less than stellar, but a guy had to be discreet when checking out another guy’s assets.

I think it’s kind of sad boys don’t have the whole shower-after-PE experience nowadays. In fact, I notice a lot of younger guys who visit the YMCA won’t even change clothes in front of other men; they change in a toilet stall. All I can say is, What’s the problem?

I’m home alone tonight. My golf lesson was cancelled due to rain and lightning, and my boyfriend’s at work. I’ll dine on leftovers after enjoying a bottle of Savignon blanc. Wherever you are tonight, I hope your Thursday evening goes pleasantly.

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