Another locker room video; sizzling Saturday on the island ….

locker room #2Hi, friends and readers:

The locker room video clip I posted two days ago has been a huge hit, so I thought I’d give you another this morning. It’s not secret that locker rooms are like gifts from heaven for gay men; they always have been. Here’s a passage from one of my favorite books, Tyler Buckspan, where a gay teenager growing up in the 1960’s talks about discovering his sexuality:

“I’m not sure when I first suspected I was gay; probably when I had to shower with other guys in my junior high school’s locker room. Every time I gazed at a cute guy in his birthday suit, my mouth grew sticky. I tried ignoring my feelings — I pretended they did not exist — but lying in bed at night, I’d stare at the ceiling while visions of naked boys crowded my thoughts.”

You can check out Tyler Buckspan here:

I skipped my morning beach walk today; I have too much work to do in the writing department, and I must get busy. Outside, it’s already steamy and the time’s still early. Have a nice Saturday, everyone.


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