Guys in backward ball caps; Martin’s hiding in the air conditioning ….

ball cap backward #8Hi, friends and readers:

When a young man wears his ball cap backward, the style lends him an irreverent look I kind of like. Now, I don’t like seeing middle-aged men wearing their ball caps backward; it looks silly. But I think the guys in tonight’s photo posts look great, don’t you?

The guy to the left reminds me of the sort of fraternity jocks I see when I visit my alma mater, University of Florida. They are oh-so-tasty and full of swagger.

Except for a quick bit of yard work and a 20-minute trip to the booze market to buy wine, I have spent the entire day indoors, avoiding the heat. I’ll bet it’s 100 degrees out their if you’re not in the shade, really wilting stuff I want no part of.

ball cap backward #4My boyfriend’s off at work, and I’m home alone, wondering just what I will do with my evening. I have so much work to do in the writing department, but I have already spent the better part of my day at the keyboard, and I am quickly developing “writer’s fatigue.”

Okay, the wine cabinet’s stocked and I have a chicken breast to toss in the oven. There’s cold beer in the fridge, and I have a new book to read, so I shouldn’t be at a loss for something to do. Sometime tonight, however, I want to do something outdoors, maybe take a swim in the pool at our timeshare down the street, or take a moonlit walk on the beach. I juts have to spend time outdoors every day or I go crazy.

What about you guys? What are you up to this evening. It’s Saturday night, and if my boyfriend were here I’d take him out dancing. And I’d make him wear his ball cap backward too. Have a nice Saturday, friends.

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