Lover boys or just good friends? What do you think?

lover boys #4Hi, friends and readers:

I like photos that ask more questions than they answer. In the case of  today’s photo posts, the pictures raise a question: Are these guys lover boys or just good friends? What do you think?

Based strictly on their clothing choices, I’m guessing these guys are all straight, but then I am often wrong on these matters. My “gaydar” has never been too accurate, and I’m frequently taken by surprise when I walk into a local gay bar to find a guy who frequents my gym, one who I never dreamed was gay.

I managed to get my butt out the door this morning at eight AM, to take my usual three-mile walk along the shore. The sky was overcast and a nice breeze blew, so I wasn’t warm at all, a welcome change from the heat we’ve suffered with in recent days.

lover boys #3I spent two hours editing pages from my uber lengthy novel, and now it’s on to correspondence. There’s a lot going on in my publishing career right now, and the days seem to fly by. Just the same, because the sky remains overcast, I intend to visit the golf course to hit balls after lunch; I have to take advantage of cool weather when we have it.

Friends will have us over to their place for a swim and dinner tonight. Their 12th floor condo overlooks the Intracoastal Water-way, which makes for a beautiful view of our island.

Okay, everyone, I must run. Have a nice Sunday, wherever you might be.

One thought on “Lover boys or just good friends? What do you think?

  1. Guys from the first picture seem again to be Russians.
    It is obvious for me they are not boyfriends. The right one is just kidding. He looks ready to discover further, being cute and sweet, moreover. I sure he can really find himself with another guy in a bed being waked up in one beautiful morning.
    What`s next for him? Picture does not report…

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