Boys and their iPods; typical Monday for Martin and his b/f ….

iPod boyHi, friends and readers:

From everything I’ve read about Steve Jobs, the guy sounds likes he was an overbearing egomaniac, but I’ll say this: he gave us some great consumer products while he led Apple. My favorites are the iPod (I listen to mine while I cook dinner, most every day.) and the iPhone (mine goes with me wherever I go.)

Having said all that, it does bother me how, everywhere I go, young men are walking around with wires coming out of their ears, pretty much oblivious to what goes on around them. And then there are all the young guys sitting in restaurant or bar and screwing around with their cell phones instead of talking to the folks they are with. I fear we are raising a generation of  “nocializers”, and if you don’t know what that means, check the Urban Dictionary:

iPod boy #4Last night’s dinner party was a lot of fun. The food was great and so was the company. When we got home, we walked to our neighborhood bar to shoot pool (I always get my ass kicked by my boyfriend.) and drink a couple of Coronas (Two bucks a bottle, what a deal.)

I had an early appointment in town this morning, so I skipped my walk on the beach, and now I’m home with a freshly-brewed cup of coffee and my lovely boyfriend to keep me company. The rest of the day will be a typical Monday for us: YMCA, supermarket run, and grilling on the patio if the rainstorms don’t come. It’ll be a nice day, and I hope your Monday goes just as well. Have a good one, friends.

One thought on “Boys and their iPods; typical Monday for Martin and his b/f ….

  1. Well, last week I got a nice surprise. I got back from work, in my street, and because of having a longer eye-contact than usual, this nice boy said: “Hi” ! This “behavior”
    you only see in a small village, not in a city where I live, Though sometimes you do see this in small communities within a city. This made my day! A big city like Amsterdam is just too un-personal, I’m glad i do not live in that city.
    When you’re visiting The Netherlands you should go to some other places/cities also. Or…… go to: het Amsterdamse Bos 🙂

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