Sexy guys in basketball shorts; Martin’s hitting the road ….

basketball #2Hi, friends and readers:

I don’t know about you, but I find young men wearing basketball shorts, and not wearing a shirt, very sexy, especially when they’re as good-looking as the two in today’s photo posts. (“How about a little one-on-one, Big Guy?”)

After last night’s stellar dinner, we ended up swimming at our timeshare down the street, and drinking a bit of wine. I’m afraid I ended up sleeping in this morning, so I missed my walk on the beach. When will I learn?

In a few minutes, I’ll climb into the Element, and then I’ll drive 65 miles inland to visit a loved one at the ALF she lives in. It’s a nasty drive with lots of congestion and crazy drivers but, hey, you do these things, right?

Oh, yeah, speaking of basketball shorts, these photos remind me of a few scenes from my story, Donkey Dude, where a gay Peeping Tom named Greg is caught spying on three college boys after their basketball game. Greg narrates the story in first person, and this is how he describes the college boys:

basketball shorts #2“Then, one Saturday, while I bought beer at a booze market in my neighborhood, Donkey Dude cruised in, dressed in a sweaty T-shirt, basketball shorts and sneakers. Of course he wore his ball cap backward. Two guys accompanied him. All three looked and sounded the same: way over six feet tall, each lean and muscular, with stubble on their faces. Their voices were deep, their smiles knockouts.


In the story, when the college boys catch Greg spying on them, they use Greg sexually, and Greg describes the experience quite graphically. If you want to read Donkey Dude it appears in my anthology, Gay Men with Kinks, available through Amazon. You can check it out by clicking on the cover in the sidebar to the right.

I think Donkey Dude is one of the funnier and sexier short stories I have written, so you might like it, and the other stories in Gay Men with Kinks are, I think, quite … stimulating. Have a good Tuesday, friends.

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