More beauty in black and white; Martin’s all packed and ready to go ….

black and white beauty #7Hi, friends and readers:

I’m glad so many of you enjoyed the black and white photos I posted this morning. Here are two more I really like.

The guy to the left has almost a 1950’s, hoodlum kind of look to him. You can almost envision him walking around with a pack of cigarettes in the rolled-up sleeve of his white t-shirt. You can imagine him capable of violence or terrible cruelty. Just the same, the freckles dancing across his face give him a boyish and innocent look. Great photo, eh?

I spent the larger part of my day running around, getting last-minute things accomplished in preparation for our trip: bank, drug store, and so forth. I cancelled newspaper delivery and got all the laundry done. Then I carefully packed my carry-on suitcase. It’s not easy packing nine days’ worth of clothing and necessities into a carry-on, but I did it, including a sport coat and dress slacks for a nice evening out with my partner’s family. (Oh, boy.)

black briefs in black and whiteNever fear, readers, I am taking my laptop so I can stay in touch with all of you. I’ll post photos and reports of our journey. I’ll report on the men we encounter in San Francisco and elsewhere, so I’ll do my best to keep you entertained and informed.

I freely admit I’m as excited a a kid in a toy store. Travel’s my absolute favorite activity; it’s so enriching, especially when you leave yourself time to do things on impulse. There are surprises around every turn, especially in a place like the Bay Area. So I am ready to roll.

Oh, and don’t you like the young man in the second photo I have posted here? A pair of black boxer briefs never looked so good. Would you offer to dry his back for him if he asked? Of course you would ….

Okay friends, have a wonderful Thursday night. San Francisco, here we come.

2 thoughts on “More beauty in black and white; Martin’s all packed and ready to go ….

  1. Yes, the second photo is great, a perfect body, please tell me he’s not a professional model…… have a nice journey also, traveling on it’s own is also a adventure, i think, people you meet underway, sometime ago, when i already worked a few years at the airline i work, i visited London regulairy, i spoke an American and he admired the green grass we have in the Netherlands,
    on the other hand I try to imagine what’s it like, to have good weather all year long,
    this can be very socializing, is my guess, meeting people, etc… The Netherlands is mostly …. wet 🙁 but not extreme.
    Hope to see some pictures of your R&R
    Thank you, for your nice stories/reports !

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