A classic “lover boys” portrait. Martin’s lying low in SF tonight.

lover boysHi, friends and readers:

I’m not exactly sure what message the photo I’ve posted here tonight is supposed to convey. Are the men lovers or just friends? Based on the lack of clothing I’d guess the former, but like all good photos, it leaves the answer to the imagination.

Me? I’m going with this: the boy on the bottom has just received terrible news, and his boyfriend (on top) is doing his best to comfort the distraught guy. Anyway, I think the poses are drawn from the Pieta sculpture by Michelangelo, with a few twists.

pietaYou disagree? Have a look at the original Pieta to the left. Okay, the poses are a bit different, but one depicts two lovers, the other is son and mother. In any event, you cannot deny Michelangelo’s genius when depicting male beauty. The Jesus in this sculpture looks like he works out at Gold’s Gym.

It has been a wonderful day here in San Francisco: America’s Cup competition, the Presidio, Haight-Ashbury, and Buena Vista Park. We dined in the Castro tonight, at a nice seafood restaurant with a sweet lesbian server and tasty cuisine.

The wine out here is crazy good, the people so cool. If I were 25 years old I would move out here in a heartbeat, but I am not 25, so I will enjoy the city whenever I can.  I believe SF is America’s most beautiful and eclectic city. If you have not visited, you must.

Okay, I am tired and my boyfriend’s out with his college buddies. In a few minutes I will hit the bed. Have a wonderful Sunday night, friends.

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