Hot guys and swimming pools; fun day ahead at Lake Tahoe ….

swimming poolHi, friends and readers:

Our hotel in Lake Tahoe has a swimming pool and a two-level spa, both very nice, But the pool’s not very warm, and since I’m a Florida boy I stuck to the spa last night, a nice treat after our drive from San Francisco. Nevertheless, if either guy in today’s photo post happened to be using the swimming pool I might be tempted to take a dip myself. Could you blame me? The young man in the top photo has an especially . . . fetching expression on his face, doesn’t he?

black speedoI’m up early; it’s just past eight AM and already I’ve shaved and made coffee, and I am feeling great. My boyfriend’s still in bed, but not for long; I’ll see to that.

We have much to do and see in Tahoe today: a self-guided car tour and a boat tour, if the weather holds. Right now it’s sunny and cool outside, perfect for outdoor activities, so I think I’ll roust my sweetie and get things underway. No reason to sleep when you could be having fun, right? Have a wonderful Tuesday, friends, wherever you might be.

One thought on “Hot guys and swimming pools; fun day ahead at Lake Tahoe ….

  1. Wauw, fetching, cute, and delightfull, are there any words for ? just enjoy the moment, they say: the best things in life……

    I’m really happy I found your website, Martin !

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