A pair of handsome guys; Martin’s off to Napa Valley ….

eyeglassesHi, friends and readers:

I’ve been in Northern California about six days now and I am noticing a lot of young men who are cultivating a look similar to the young man’s to the left. They grow their hair out on top a little, keep it combed neatly, and usually wear either eyeglasses or RayBan sunglasses. They have gym-toned bodies and dazzling smiles. Now, I have no idea whether these guys are pleasant or if they are arrogant pricks, but I see many of them out here, and they are at least nice to look at.

We spent our entire day yesterday hiking i various spots on the western shore of Lake Tahoe, in the Emerald Bay area. Believe me, this is some of America;s most beautiful wilderness. The lake itself is 6500 feet above sea level, and we hiked mountains towering another 1000 feet above the lake. The vistas were breathtaking, and so were the steep climbs required by the trails we chose. I’m afraid Martin was a bit weary by the end of the day.

blue tank topWe didn’t do much last night: soaked in the hot tub, grabbed a quick dinner, and bowled two games at an alley right next to our hotel. I hit the bed around ten PM and fell asleep in about three minutes.

Now I’m up at the break of dawn, ready for another exciting day in the Bay Area. In a couple of hours we’ll check out of our hotel, and then we’ll drive to Napa Valley to spend two days visiting wineries and sampling their offerings. Napa is home to our country’s finest vineyards; I like both the reds (Pinot Noir’s my favorite) and whites (Savignon blanc I like the best) so I’m sure I’ll enjoy myself immensely. The Valley itself is a visual treat; it has an intimate feel that is difficult to describe.

Every time I visit Northern California, I’m reminded of why I almost moved here after college, to pursue my career in journalism. I had majored in journalism in college, and my plan was to work as an editor for a newspaper here. But then I got accepted to law school in Florida, and I never left the Tampa Bay area. I don’t regret my decision; my life in Florida has been great. But I’ll always wonder how life would have unfolded had I chosen to live here. I guess I’ll never know, will I?

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

One thought on “A pair of handsome guys; Martin’s off to Napa Valley ….

  1. The climate as you tell it sounds really relaxing ! but by hiking you see a lot of the country, great ! will you also post your photo’s of it ?

    Have (more) fun ! until next time.

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