Jump for joy. A milestone for this website: 1,500,000 visits since January 2012 ….

jumping in a fieldHi, friends and readers:

I started a WordPress blog back in December 2008. At first, I posted sporadically. Then I began posting daily, staring in summer 2010, when I lived in Berlin, Germany. My average number of daily visitors to the blog grew steadily, until nearly 5,000 people visited nearly every day.

Then, in December 2011, WordPress “deactivated my blog” because I’d included too much commercial content in my posts, meaning I was promoting my books on the blog, a WordPress blogging no-no, I later found out.

I was able to save all the text from my blog posts, but I lost all of the photographs I’d posted since 2008, a terrible loss. Well, I decided to regroup. My tech wizard Marcelo created a .com website for me. I slowly but surely found most all of the photos I’d earlier posted and put them back up. And I continued putting up new posts.

jumpMy average number of visits at my new site started at less than 200 per day, but they steadily grew to nearly 7,500 per day, amazing really. Things hummed along smoothly until early spring 2013, when my site was hacked by Chinese saboteurs who kept shutting down my site and screwing with the appearance of the posts. Marcelo had to install a whole new set of security measures which resulted in a huge reduction in my average daily visit number.

Now, about five months later, we are back to about 3,500 visitors per day, and that number is steadily climbing again. Yesterday, visitor number 1,500,000 stopped by, which I think is quite a milestone. I want to thank everyone who stuck with me when the old blog was murdered and then the hackers screwed everything up earlier this year. I’m receiving no spam these days and people are communicating with me easily.

I’ve already taken a three-mile walk on the beach.  I took my bait net down to the Gulf afterward to catch bait fish I’ll use to fish with tonight on the seawall near our house. The weather during the evening has cooled down and things should be nice outside after sundown. I’ve finished my writing for the day, and now it’s time to get things back in order around the house.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Jump for joy. A milestone for this website: 1,500,000 visits since January 2012 ….

  1. Congratulations Martin! I remember the first time I found your blog, after the Utøya shooting at 22 July 2011. I still remember how moved I was by the event and how you praised Norway for staying that beautiful country it is instead of becoming paranoid like America after 9/11. I lost the site because I was on holiday when I found your blog. But it was that post about Norway that made me look for your site again and I found it. I’ve been following it ever since. Thank you Martin for this blog.

    • Hello, Haico:

      Thanks so much for writing me, and for visiting my site regularly. I once visited Oslo, and I was so impressed by the people there. The only problem was the beer was too expensive. 😉 I hope this message finds you happy and well.


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