Sex in public places; is it advisable?

outdoor porkHi, friends and readers:

I’ve never advocated having sex in public places. Even when you think you’re alone, it’s often not the case, and while I’m no prude, I try to be considerate of others. When strolling through the park or hiking in the woods, some people don’t really care to see two guys humping or one guy blowing another guy. But having said all that, I guess there is a certain brand of thrill that comes from engaging in a sex act in a public setting, be it outdoors or indoors. And I thought I would share a couple of interesting photos exposing guys in the act.

loew'sHave a look at the photo to the left. If I am not mistaken, the photo was taken inside either a Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement store. I don’t see any other customers in the background, so maybe the photo was taken after closing. Maybe the young men work there as stock boys or maintenance people. Who knows? But I think it’s a pretty funny picture. Notice how the guy kneeling has removed his ball cap and placed it on his left knee? What a resourceful young man. But isn’t that brushed stainless steel chilling the standing guy’s behind? Br-r-r-r-r ….

I’m done writing for the day. In a few minutes, I’ll share lunch with my boyfriend, and then we’re off to the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming, our first visit there in almost two weeks, since we just spent eleven days in California. Although we took a multitude of strenuous hikes at Lake Tahoe and in Napa Valley, I’m ready to stretch my muscles in the gym, and ready to enjoy the YMCA’s sparkling pool.

Have a nice Wednesday, friends.

One thought on “Sex in public places; is it advisable?

  1. Well, people are responsable for their own actions, if they get a kick out of it…
    they should also expect reactons from the bystanders, good or bad, but i can imagine parents decide what they expose their kids to.
    About the cold metal…. my guess is, that these were not plugged in….. boys only 🙂
    Have a nice flex.

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