A pair of beautiful male torsos; party time on the island tonight ….

torso #7Hi, friends and readers:

You guys know me; I’m a devotee of the male rear end. But I also appreciate a well-sculpted male torso. I’m not talking about big, hunky muscles. I just appreciate the way a young man’s natural muscles shape his chest, arms, shoulders and stomach. Both guys appearing in tonight’s photo posts are perfect examples of what I like. Who could resist touching either of these guys?

Not me ….

Our trip to the YMCA was semi-successful. While we worked out, a serious thunderstorm rolled into the area, which meant they closed the pool due to lightning strikes nearby. I think it’s a stupid policy, but then I don’t make the rules there. So, after our workout we left and returned to our island to shop for food and booze for the weekend. There’s a lot of football on TV tomorrow and Sunday. My boyfriend being the football fanatic, it means we’ll spend a good deal of time on our sofa or a friend’s sofa, following the fortunes of certain teams.

torso #6In about an hour, we’ll walk down the street to our neighbors’ home, where the monthly neighborhood “porch party” is held. People bring food and drink, and it’s all very informal. Sometimes I take my guitar. I sing about a dozen songs and everyone seems to enjoy the free entertainment. But it’s still too hot for outdoors performing right now, so my show will have to wait until later this fall.

I’m experiencing very heavy traffic on this site today. In fact, traffic has steadily increased over the past few weeks; I don’t know why, but I’m quite pleased about it.

Okay, everyone, the weekend is here. Have you made plans? Will you go out dancing with your boyfriend (Always fun.) or will the two of you stay home and watch TV while sharing a frozen pizza? It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re together and enjoying life. Have a great Friday night, friends.


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