Guys getting wet. When will this heat let up?

wetHi, friends and readers:

I’m sure you are all tired of hearing me whine about the heat in Florida, but believe me, at this time of year everyone down here is over the heat and humidity. It’s so miserable outside, I don’t want to do anything involving outdoor activity. Not golf, not walking on the beach, not cycling, not anything. I just stay in the air conditioning and hope mid-October will get here as soon as possible. About the only thing one can do outdoors is getting wet, in a swimming pool, the Gulf, or underneath a garden hose. I thought I would post photos of guys getting wet this morning. Maybe they will make me feel cooler.

waterfallIt’s Saturday morning and my lovely boyfriend is glued to the TV, listening to morons in business suits babble about football. It’s not my cup of tea, but that’s okay. I’ll watch one game with him, otherwise I’ll find other things to do.

Actually, I think today will be fun. This afternoon we’ll visit a friend’s home to watch the Alabama v. Texas A & M game on his mammoth, flat screen TV. Afterward, we’ll return to our island to grill cheeseburgers over charcoal. Maybe we’ll take a walk on the beach while the sun sets over the Gulf. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Have a great Saturday, everyone;

3 thoughts on “Guys getting wet. When will this heat let up?

  1. Martin is it true that in Russia to be gay is illegal? I was told this the other day, that if you’re gay in Russia that you are put into jail?

    • Hi, Raven: Here’s my understanding. Homosexual behavior between consenting adults is not illegal in Russia. But a newly passed law makes it a crime to encourage homosexual activity by persons under a certain age, eighteen or 21, I believe. In any case, I would never visit Russia, specifically because of homophobic attitudes prevailing there. Most of Western Europe is quite tolerant of gay people, so why visit someplace that is not?


  2. Yea i just think the work takes 1 step forward then, and then 2 back. New Zealand legalised gay marriage but then there is russia and also gays in Austrlia dont have rights. It’s upsetting.

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