An interesting video clip. What film does it come from?

strokingHi, friends and readers:

Does everyone like the little video clip I’ve posted here this evening? I believe the young man is a porn star whose clips I have posted before; I just can’t recall his name. He’s a lovely lad, don’t you think?

Anyway, I came across some other video clips from a film Nicholas Hoult made, a film I have not seen but clearly would like to. I suspect it takes place in a British high school, but where I don’t know. In the film, a young man rises during class and then he admits having sex with a male classmate during a field trip to Russia. Apparently he and his sex partner were caught en flagrente and actually booted from the county, acording to the script. It certainly seems like an interesting film to me; here’s the link:

Anyone seen it?

A Single ManI’m tossing a random photo of Nicholas Hoult on here, just for everyone’s enjoyment. Look at those ice-blue eyes ….

It’s been a good day for me. We teed off on the golf course at nine AM. A nice breeze blew from the east all morning; we barely broke a sweat during our round. My boyfriend, total jock that he is, scored an eighty-one, me a 102. We play by the rules: no Mulligans, a one-stroke penalty for a lost ball, and no “gimmes” on the greens. I was pleased with my play, actually. Only 20% of golfers can break 100, and I came very close.

I’m home alone tonight, as my boyfriend’s back at work for an eight-day streak, poor lad. Me? I’m actually hard at work on multiple writing projects, so there’s no slack time for Martin. Have a nice Monday evening, everyone.

7 thoughts on “An interesting video clip. What film does it come from?

  1. Martin, I read your blog every day and really enjoy the posts. We have the same tastes in guys, that’s for sure.
    I wanted you to know that today’s video clip is from the British TV series ‘SKINS.’
    You can find the whole series on Netflix. How about that? The guys are all very hot in the series. Check it out.
    Your friend, Mike C.

  2. It’s more Skins. The boy from the link is Maxxie again (the one dancing in the dark hallway a couple of post earlier). Season 1 and 2. The trailers are a bit weird but it really is an enjoyable show.

    • Thanks for the information, Benjamin. I see Bel Ami has produced a remake of my all-time favorite porn video, “An American in Prague.” I have visited Prague a dozen times; it’s one of my favorite cities.


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