Hot guys in white briefs; Martin’s a road warrior today ….

white briefsHi, friends and readers:

When I was a teenager, all the guys wore “whitey tighties”, those ridiculous, Fruit of the Loom underwear that didn’t have the slightest sex appeal. But now guys wear white briefs that are actually kind of provocative, like the ones the guys wear in today’s photo posts. I especially like the cocky pose of the guy in the top photo; it’s almost like he’s inviting you to step inside and have some fun with him. Who could resist?

I slept in late this morning, eschewing my morning beach walk again. I have missing my walk, but I have things to do today and by the time I rose it was just too late.

In about half an hour I’ll climb into the Element and then drive 65 miles inland to visit a loved one who resides in an ALF. It’s a miserable drive through road construction and crazy traffic, but I do this twice a month because I’m a freakin’ saint. Wish me luck.

skinny white briefsHave a look at the photo to the left. Now those are what I call uber skimpy briefs, but I think they look quite sexy on Mr. Skinny, don’t you?

Outside, it’s actually kind of pleasant this morning. A steady breeze is blowing from the east, and the humidity is down some. I think I will take my golf clubs with me, and maybe I’ll stop by our local municipal course on my way home. I can hit a bucket of balls and maybe practice my putting for an hour or so, a kind of reward for my saintliness. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Okay, everyone, have a wonderful Thursday, wherever you might be today.

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