Sexy guy and swimming pools. Is it still hot where you are?

swimming poolHi, friends and readers:

I’ve owned three homes with swimming pools, and while there is nothing nicer than floating on a raft in your private pool, with a cold beer and the moon rising on a summer night, I can say I don’t miss having a pool any more. They are a major pain in the butt, at least in Florida where it rains most every day during summer. The rain throws the chemicals out of balance in a pool and depletes the chlorine. Next thing you know, you have green pool water, very disgusting. I figure I spent between $100-$125 per month on each of my pools, just to by chemicals and run the pool pump. I’m fine with using the pool at our timeshare down the road: no chemicals to buy, no high electric bills.

swimming poolHaving said all that, it would be very nice to have a young man splashing about in my pool like the guys in tonight’s video and still posts. The guy to the left must be European or South American. Guys in the U.S. would not have the balls to wear a skimpy suit like he’s wearing. Aye-yi-yi ….

Okay, I made it home alive from a drive inland. The traffic actually wasn’t too bad today, and I enjoyed a nice lunch with my loved one. She enjoys getting out of the ALF for a spell, even if it means putting up with me. Now I am home and ready for a quiet evening. Wherever you are, I wish you a pleasant Thursday night.

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