Noble Romance Publishing closes its doors ….

amazed #3Hi, friends and readers:

Over the past three years I have published a series of novels and short fiction anthologies with Noble Romance Publishing. I always enjoyed my interactions with the folks at NRP, and they put out quality products. But a shakeup in management took place at the end of last year, and the folks who took over at NRP were not deeply experienced in the publishing marketplace. I ceased submitting work to them, but they continued to market my titles they had earlier published, until two weeks ago, when they announced they were closing their doors.

goofing aroundI wasn’t surprised. But the good news is, the right to re-publish my NRP titles with another publishing house reverts to me. In the months ahead, I’ll be working hard at the task of re-publishing, probably through Amazon’s Creatspace program. At Createspace, I control all editorial content and cover design, and the royalties are stellar. So, the whole situation at NRP has probably turned into a positive situation for me. It’s funny how life works sometimes, isn’t it?

I’m home by myself tonight. I’ll drink a few beers, work on a writing project, and bake fresh fish fillets in the oven for dinner. I have a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio chilling in the fridge, so it’ll be a nice night for me.

Have a great Friday evening, everyone.

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