Sexy guys and their cameras; lazy Saturday for Martin ….

camera #4Hi, friends and readers:

I suppose you could say the young men in today’s photo posts border on the narcissistic, but they are awfully sexy, and I think it’s nice we can enjoy these lovely photos on a Saturday morning, don’t you?

Have a careful look at the photo to the left. That is clearly professional photographic equipment in the background. So why is this young man taking a photo of himself in a mirror, using a smartphone? I guess we’ll never know.

My boyfriend just left the house for work, and I am left to my own devices until dinnertime today. It’s okay, I have much to do in the writing department, and much to do around the house. I’ll stay busy, don’t worry about that. Plus, I have to visit the UPS store to send out promotional copies of my latest YA novel.

camera #6I have received many comments over the past 48 hours, reacting to “Stephen’s” comment about not coming out in his conservative community, especially considering his own parents’ negative view of gay people. It’s a tough situation, for certain, and I think we can all feel for Stephen.

Again, it’s hard to come out when you are living under your parents roof and subject to their control, especially when they are not tolerant types. In my view, it’s best to wait until you’ve left home for college or to work in some other town. But that’s just my take on things.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone.

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