Do you feel like “a mess” sometimes? You’re not alone ….

messHi, friends and readers:

I don’t know the name of the TV series this video clip comes from, but I know the young man in the clip portrays a gay character who has recently “come out of the closet”, and is facing issues. Does anyone know the name of the show?

lover boys black and whiteLook, life can be messy sometimes, even at my age, and especially when it comes to love. I’m afraid there’s not much we can do about that, unless one chooses to live a loveless existence, which I consider insanity. Love is what makes life so very special, and there’s nothing like falling asleep in bed, holding your lover in your arms and listening to him breathe.

Okay, when you’re in a relationship or trying to get one going, things don’t always go smoothly. We each see things from our own personal point of view, and sometimes that leads to conflict. The important thing is to keep the lines of communication open at all times. No games, no deceptions.

I’m home from the YMCA, wiht an open beer and an open evening ahead of me. My boyfriend got off work early today, and we’ll share a nice meal of fresh Gulf shrimp over pasta, alond with a good bottle of Beaujolais. Doesn’t that sound tasty?

Have a nice Monday evening, everyone.

8 thoughts on “Do you feel like “a mess” sometimes? You’re not alone ….

  1. The clip is maybe from “coming out stories” ? from logo tv ?
    there’s really a lot to find when you Google, so it could be hard to find, you should try to trace back the source of your material/clip…..

  2. Yes, I guess it’s “United States of Tara” like mentioned previously, i ‘ve downloaded the complete series, but not watched it yet, because it’s not “that” serious, and i think gay is a serious matter.

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