Guys in the shower; it’s pouring rain outside ….

shower time #4Hi, friends and readers:

After I walk on the beach, I always look forward to my morning shower on the patio in back of our house. The patio’s fenced, so I have complete privacy, but it feels so good to shower under the open sky. The guys in today’s photo post seem to be looking forward to their showers, don’t they?

I woke early this morning. I did my usual three-mile walk on the shore, but shortly after I returned to the house, rain bands started crossing the island. We’re having a real downpour this morning, and the rain is supposed to continue all day long.

My boyfriend’s working early today, so that means after lunch I’ll visit the YMCA by myself. It’s never as much fun as when my boyfriend’s with me, but work comes first, as they say.

shower time #3Have a look at these guys to the left. It looks a bit crowded in their shower, but they don’t seem to mind. I guess it’s one way to get someone to wash your back, right?

I’ve been deluged with comments regarding the messages I posted from Daniel and “Stephen” during the previous week. Thanks to everyone who wrote in. I think sometimes it’s hard for those of us who like in urban areas to understand just how constricting small town life can be for young gay men, particularly high school students who are pretty much stuck in their situation until they leave for college. It has to be tough, and I feel so badly for them.

Okay, everyone, it’s almost lunchtime and I have a few things to tend to around the house. So, I’ll end this post by wishing everyone a happy Monday, wherever you might be.

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