Two guys with beefy butts; rainy day on the island ….

butt #10Hi, friends and readers:

What’s more sexier than a young man with a beefy, well-rounded pair of butt cheeks? Answer: nothing. My boyfriend’s rear can only be described as delicious; I can’t keep my hands off it when he’s around. And I would say much the same for the behinds on the guys in today’s photo posts. I don’t know which one I like better, but then I don’t have to decide, do I?

I rose early this morning; I had to visit a laboratory to have blood drawn before I had anything to eat or drink. This meant driving during rush hour traffic through torrential rain, not fun.

Yeah, central Florida is getting pummeled by thunderstorms, one after another, as they roll in of the Gulf of Mexico. Everything is soggy and dripping. No outdoors activities today. My boyfriend has the day off, and we’re keeping busy getting things done inside, which is fine.

butt #4Still, you have to understand: those of us who live in Florida devote most of our activities to the outdoors: running, swimming, cycling, kayaking, beachcombing, basketball, tennis, softball, and so forth. When we can’t get outside, due to inclement weather, we tend to get grouchy and testy. It’s no like up North where people play pool or ping-pong in the basement or hang out at the corner tavern. We want our sunshine and warm weather, damn it ….

I have uch to do in the writing department, of course, and correspondence to tend to, so I’ll stay busy. And maybe the sun will shine tomorrow so we can take our golf lesson. Who knows. But I hope the sun is shining where you are, and I hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday.

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