What to do when it rains all day? How about sex, and then a nap afterward?

on the bed #2Hi, friends and readers:

It’s been raining nonstop in west central Florida for three days now. The whole area is soggy, and we’re all stuck in our homes, trying to keep ourselves busy. I have a leak in my roof, and water is seeping into the bedroom beneath it, a major irritation. I’ve called a roofer, but they’re deluged with repair requests, and I must wait my turn. What a pain in the butt ….

asleepOkay, when the weather’s like this, what can you do? I always find sex an enjoyable activity, followed by a nice nap. Rain drumming the roof lulls you off to dreamland with your boyfriend in your arms. It’s actually pretty special; I recommend it.

It’s Wednesday, of course, and normally I would visit the YMCA with my boyfriend, right after we share a nice lunch. But I have to stay here and wait for the roofer to come give me an estimate, so I’m not going anywhere, anytime soon. It’s okay, I have much to do in the writing department.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone.


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