Cute guys hanging out in their blue briefs; pretty night on the island ….

blond beauty #2Hi, friends and readers:

On some Saturday afternoons, a guy likes to relax at home, wearing nothing but a pair of briefs. It’s a private time, and a guy never knows when he might decide to “take matters into his own hands”, so to speak. The two young men in tonight’s photo posts certainly look relaxed, don’t they? I’d spent an afternoon with either guy.

It’s been a good afternoon for me, as well. My walk on the beach was delightful. Several groups of college boys were down there in their boardshorts, playing soccer, cornhole, Kan Jam, and football. Lots of yummy flesh for Martin to ogle.

blue briefsI’m home and freshly showered, ready for an evening of football-watching with my boyfriend. Our fridge is stocked with cold beer, and we have a nice steak to throw on the charcoal grille for dinner. We’ll watch the Florida Gators play Kentucky, and also watch Wisconsin (my boyfriend’s alma mater) play Ohio State. Okay, that’s a lot of football, but it’s okay. My boyfriend loves this time of year, and who am I to deny him his football fix?

By the way, the young man to the left definitely has some ideas about what he’ll be doing in the next half-hour, doesn’t he? What a cute guy; I wonder what his name is and where he lives. Those blue breifs look great on him, don’t they.

Okay, I need to run down to our local market for a bottle of wine, so I will close this post and be on my way. Have a wonderful Saturday night, everyone.

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